Saturday, February 6, 2010

Voting Record Puts Bayh in the Hot Seat

"A few months ago, Bayh was considered a shoo-in for re-election in the Hoosier State, but top election handicappers have now moved his chances from "safe" to "endangered." "

"He voted for the $2.5 trillion Obamacare bill, despite strong opposition back home where polls showed 60 percent opposition to the healthcare plan. He backed Obama's $800 billion-plus economic-stimulus bill that has failed to create the 3.5 million jobs he promised. He supported Obama's unpopular move to remove terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and try them in civilian courts because the American Civil Liberties Union said they should be afforded the constitutional rights available to all American citizens."

"This was not the sensible moderate Evan Bayh, who once chaired the centrist-leaning Democratic Leadership Council that had declared war on the liberal wing of his party. He was breaking with his state's right-of-center political traditions, and Indiana voters are now breaking away from him."

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  1. The amount of times this picture will be shown during this campaign season will be matched only by our national debt! Priceless!