Friday, February 26, 2010

Even Jim Shella Sees that Dan Coats Has a Washington Insider Problem

From The HoosierPundit:
At some point, Dan Coats has to answer this. He promised that he would do so. And through all of the spin and covering by his myriad of newly-hired flacks, he still hasn't.
Now it's just starting to get silly.
The whole campaign is on the verge of becoming a walking punchline.
It's like they're trying to see how DC insider they can be, as if they would get an Olympic medal for most Beltway insider connections or something.

Jim Shella:

When Dan Coats filed his petitions to be on the ballot for U.S. Senate I asked him how he would deal with being labeled the “Washington Candidate” in this race. He responded by saying only, “We’re back in Indiana and we’re here to stay.”

Today I received my first “Coats for Senate Morning Update.” It discusses an interview the former Senator did with a Washington publication (Human Events.) It attacked Democrat Brad Ellsworth by quoting two Washington blogs.
It was sent to me by a public relations person in Washington, DC.
Maybe he likes the label.

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