Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthcare Reform Polling...

From Jim Geraghty at Nation Review Online:
Obama and the Democrats to Public Opinion: Drop Dead
The support/opposition split on the health care bill, according to various pollsters:
 Rasmussen: 41/56
Newsweek: 40/49
Public Policy Polling: 39/50
Pew: 38/50
Quinnipiac: 35/54
Ipsos/McClatchy: 37/51
NBC/WSJ: 31/46
CNN: 38/58
NPR: 39/55

Through the reconciliation talk, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid are sending a very important message to the American people: Shut up.

With numbers like these the question becomes why are they having this "Healthcare Summit"?  Because, as Rush explained the other day - the President HAS TO HAVE THIS BILL!  The Dems are obsessed with this healthcare reform.  They are closer than ever to getting SOMETHING passed that they have become obsessed with getting anything.  Obama must have  something to show for the past year's efforts.  Todays 'summit" IS nothing more than PR.  No matter what happens today the Dems will continue pushing on, through reconciliation or ANYTHING else that they can come up with in order to tout a victory.  That is why the GOP must continue hammering this for what is is - a massive transfer of wealth and power anad SPENDING BEYOND OUR MEANS!  And WE must continue resisting this or we (and our children/grandchildren) will be saddled with the costs FOREVER!  The Dems don't care if they are voted out in November!  They are now suicidal about this.  The ones now there will gladly vote for this and get beaten in November if they can win this now - for they will consider themselves matyrs for the just cause and will BRAG ABOUT HOW THEY GOT IT DONE! -SP

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