Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Fiscal Conservative Hypocrites

Excerts from David Paul Kuhn at RealClearPolitics:
The majority party was pushing the largest entitlement expansion since the Great Society. The minority attempted byzantine legislative maneuvers to obstruct the vote. The majority never relented, even taking unprecedented action to ram the bill through Congress.
This was not 2009 but 2003. Republicans controlled the White House and Congress. And with that power they passed the $400 billion Medicare prescription drug bill.
Fast forward to February 2010. Here is Missouri Republican Sen. Kit Bond railing against Barack Obama: "While pretending to get serious about our spiraling deficit there is nothing in the budget to tackle the greatest threat – runaway entitlement spending."
Bond was one of the 42 Republican senators who voted for the historic Medicare entitlement expansion.
Americans crave leaders from both parties, who will sit down together and take the hard stands.
But until those leaders emerge, we will likely suffer the fiscal hypocrites. A Democratic president who said "I don't" believe in big government in the same 2009 budget address that heralded the return of big government. And we will suffer the Republicans who lecture, "do as I say, not as I do" about spending, without recalling what they did and what they said.
This kinda goes back to Erick Erickson's post here.  Beware incumbent Repubs who talk fiscal responsibility now, check their votes!  Just because they say they are conservative doesn't necessarily make it so.  Witness Charlie Christ, Arlen Spector,et al.  And don't let the "elites" from EITHER party lead you into believing they know who is the "best" or "most electable" candidate.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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