Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hill out of running, endorses Ellsworth

From the Indy Star:
U.S. Rep. Baron Hill (D-9th District) announced Saturday that he has decided not to seek the U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Evan Bayh, and endorsed fellow congressman Brad Ellsworth.

Hill, of Seymour, released a statement today taking himself out of the running.

"My focus has been, and will remain, on fulfilling my job as the congressman from Southern Indiana and continuing to address the most pressing issues our nation and great state face, like deficit reduction, health care reform, energy independence and entitlement spending,'' Hill said in the statement.

"That said, I will not seek the nomination for the United States Senate, and will continue my efforts to be re-elected to another term representing the Ninth District of Indiana. I believe my friend and colleague, Congressman Brad Ellsworth, is the right man to fulfill the task of ensuring a Democrat is elected to succeed Senator Bayh.

Translation:  Since my former good friend Evan Bayh threw me under the bus while I was halfway around the world and because the majority of Indiana Democratic chairs have already decided that Brad Ellsworth is to be their nominee, I guess that I'll take one for the team (even if it does run counter to my old glory hog basketball inclinations) and continue my doomed race for re-election in the 9th District.  That way I can collect on this favor when I run for Governor in two years.-SP

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  1. I agree....Baron is gonna get wiped out in the Congressional race this year. Evan screwed him royally.