Monday, February 15, 2010

FLASH!!! - BYE, BYE Bayh - Evan Bayh will not seek reelection

At the Indy Star:

Sen. Evan Bayh will not run for re-election, a decision that will shock Democrats and Republicans alike in Indiana.

It shocked me!!

The Washington Post mentions Baron Hill as someone likely  to consider run for Senate:

Without Bayh, Democrats may look to their congressional delegation where Reps. Baron Hill, Brad Ellsworth and Joe Donnelly are likely to take a look at running.

Some thoughts from the HoosierPundit:
Short list:
Baron Hill
--Pro: Run statewide before, represents swing area, vigorous campaigner, close to Obama
--Con: Close to Obama, voting record, significant other baggage, seat will be lost to GOP if he runs

Brad Ellsworth
--Pro: Claims to be conservative Democrat, vigorous campaigner
--Con: Never had serious race, voting record, seat will be lost to GOP if he runs

John Gregg
--Pro: Claims to be conservative Democrat, significant statewide connections from time as Speaker
--Con: Who? Never run statewide

Bart Peterson
--Pro: Bayh protege, significant connections to Indy insiders for fundraising
--Con: Got beat by Greg Ballard, sets up usually-fatal Indianapolis vs rest-of-state dynamic

Also, the cynic in me sees this as a play for Bayh to distance himself from Obama for a chance to run for President in 2012.

That wouldn't be a bit surprising.  Prince Evan, the Moderate White Knight, riding in to save the Dems from the overreaching liberals.  Not sure he could pull it off though.

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  1. This is but an indicator of how incredibly Ugly it is going to be for Libs this next campaign cycle! Hopefully, after 80 years of progressive tyranny and failure, this Lib experiment is coming to an end!