Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why We Should Rally Around Marlin Stutzman in Indiana

From Erick Erickson at Red State:

The GOP needs to change its public image that voters have. It should not be using retired Senators who moved out of the state and become a lobbyist to do that.

We need younger faces and fresher voices. We need guys like Marco Rubio. And we need guys like Marlin Stutzman.

Marlin is pro-life. He supports the second amendment. He will be right on spending. He is a perfect fit for Indiana. His farming background is compelling. He’s voted conservatively in the Indiana legislature.

I believe the GOP can do better and can rebuild and can raise up young conservative leaders. I believe Marlin Stutzman fits the bill and is someone we will not regret rallying behind.


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  1. Sen. Stutzman seems to be a "real deal" conservative. I like his traditional values and he seems like a breath of fresh air compared to Bayh and Coats.