Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Red State supports Marlin Stutzman

From Erick Erickson at RedState:   Passion, Risk and Reward (excerpts)
At this point, I hope you are following along and paying close attention — particularly if you work for a conservative group or are an active tea party activist.
Let me repeat myself first. Sometimes, just sometimes when the moon hits the water just right, our guy enters the arena. Our guy decides he will take the slings and arrows, suffer the insults, and risk embarrassment and defeat, because he decides we are right. Good men sometimes need to take a risk, be bold, and enter the arena come what may.
But then you know what? The conservative movement’s system breaks down around them.
The activist and the organization say, “Well, let’s see how much money he can raise before we get on board.” Then they say, “Well, he doesn’t poll as well as the other guy so let’s sit on the sidelines.” Or worse they say, “Let’s go with the safer bet. Too much risk.”
In Indiana, Marlin Stutzman is running against a congressman who lost re-election and a Senator who left office more than a decade ago. Stutzman has a great narrative. Granted there are also a few others in the race, but Stutzman is best positioned and conservatives should not divide up their vote risking someone else getting elected. 
 But again, conservatives are sitting on the sidelines in what should be a no brainer race. Every conservative group is waiting for every other conservative group to go first in endorsing Stutzman. They want him to raise a million first, or just half a million. They wait and take no risk. And if they keep waiting, they will be out of any hope for a reward on a candidate who will be with them out of sheer gratitude.
So take a chance. Take a risk. Support people like Nikki Haley, Marlin Stutzman, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio.
Remember — this time last year, Marco Rubio could not win
Except he will. Let’s not make Marco Rubio an anomaly.
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