Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More on the "Mellencamp for Senate" campaign

It's gaining momentum I tell you; from Hot Air today:
New lefty idea: Hey, let’s run John Mellencamp for Indiana Senate
Music to my ears (no pun intended), not only because this tool is very far left at a moment when being very far left isn’t exactly a political asset but because it suggests Indiana lefties are already depressed at the prospect of Baron Hill or Brad Ellsworth as their nominee. Lo and behold, a Facebook campaign page is already up and running. My feeling about this is basically the same as my feeling about the trial balloon of Ed Schultz for senate in North Dakota: It’d be entertaining and a likely win for the GOP, so full speed ahead.
John, here are some lyrics that I worked up for a campaign song:  " A little ditty about John and Elaine, representin' Hoosiers from across the fruited plain."  Maybe I need to call George Green first then get back to you. - SP

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