Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin is miles ahead of every other politician in America | Washington Examiner

Mark Tascott writes about Sarah's appearance at the Nashville TEA PArty convention and concludes, Sarah Palin is miles ahead of every other politician in America.

"Watching Sarah Palin's speech to the Tea Party National Convention last night in Nashville on PJTV, it was clear that she has a rapport and comfort with the Tea Partiers that is unmatched among politicians at the national level."

"During her 40-minute Nashville speech, Palin repeatedly struck rhetorical gold by assailing Washington politicians for talking down to the American people, as when she branded the exploding national debt a form of "generational theft" and proclaimed that "many of us have had enough."

"Palin understands the frustration felt by millions of Americans, including legions of independents and moderates, watching as Washington leaders careen down a path of expanding federal power and the skyrocketing spending, taxation, regulation and debt that inevitably accompanies that expansion, even as public opinion surveys document growing oppposition to such a course."

"Palin also demonstrated an understanding that the Tea Party movement must be independent of both major political parties, which share the blame for the country's current morass, in order to be credible."

This is NOT an endorsement of Palin to run for POTUS or anything else. But, right now, she is the only one speaking directly to those of us out here trying to make ourselves heard. - SeymourPundit
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  1. Sarah Palin is an idiot. I did have some respect for her until this speech. Now she has shown that she is just another political spinner of lies and BS.