Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A note on former Gov. Edgar D. Whitcomb and other veterans

I received an email article, from a former classmate, yesterday of an account given by former Gov. Ed Whitcomb, of his experiences in his escape from Corregidor after the Japanese invasion there in World War II. Also included in this particular posting is an account by Bob Feller, former major league baseball great and veteran.

Having grown up as close family friends of the Whitcomb family and having read the Governor's book "Escape From Corregidor" as a young boy, it got me to thinking of the experiences of not just Ed Whitcomb but of all veterans.

So, I would like to include some accounts of veterans on theses pages and will establish some links to veterans organization and blogs so we can all take the opportunity to remember those who have willingly sacrificed so much (and continue to do so).

If you have any ideas, please share.


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  1. Thanks for linking to the article. I never read the book so this provided a good short version. I was never a POW but I did receive POW training while in the USAF. That was rough enough!