Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Compromise on Enemy Combatants

From Andrew McCarthy at NRO:

"The compromise would be: KSM gets a military commission, but Republicans agree to close Gitmo and bring the combatants to stateside federal prisons.This would be a terrible sell-out of our national security. It would also be unnecessary.

The American people strongly support military commissions for enemy combatants — not for all terrorism cases, but for all unlawful alien enemy operatives who have no right to be tried in our civilian courts and for whom Congress has authorized military commissions.

The only people actually offended by Gitmo are leftists who regard it as a symbol of Bush-style counterterrorism. Those people are projecting their own obsessions onto our enemies. As is too often the case, Republican moderates are itching to placate these ideologues in order to show how they rise above the fray, reach across the aisle, and transcend all this partisan bickering. That is nuts.

There is no reason to compromise on this issue. We should tell the president we are delighted he has had the good sense to keep Gitmo open and to refer at least some of the combatants to military commissions. "

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