Sunday, February 7, 2010

For Coats, it's back home again in . . . North Carolina?

From the Indy Star Sunday:

"Former U.S. Sen. Dan Coats isn't officially in the race for U.S. Senate against Evan Bayh, and he's already taking a beating from both Democrats and his Republican opponents.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee found some killer footage of Coats, taken in 2008 as he addressed the North Carolina delegation at the Republican National Convention.

In the footage, which the Democrats posted on YouTube as part of a Web commercial, Coats talks of his plans to retire in North Carolina."

Here's the video:


Now, normally I wouldn't be putting up campaign ads from the Democatic Senatorial Campaign Committee but this one only reinforces the notion that Coats is a political retread and the fact that we need someone new in Washington. Somehow we need to get that message to the boneheads on the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee that continue reaching back instead moving forward!

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  1. I certainly do not want another outside Indiana, D.C lobbyist, professional politican like Coats representing a state that he has pretty much not had any contact with in recent years. It's crap like this that is one of the many things wrong with D.C., professional politicians. We have a great field for the primary, let the TRUE Conservative rise to the top of the ticket!