Thursday, February 11, 2010

Evan Bayh’s residency in Indiana is…an accountant’s office?

From Frugal Hoosiers:

"The first place we looked was on the Statement of Candidacy he filed with the Federal Election Commission for the 2010 election cycle."

"That form lists his address as 850 Fort Wayne Avenue in Indianapolis. But it also lists the campaign address as the same place. So we looked at his campaign’s Statement of Organization."

"You’ll notice that it also lists the 850 Fort Wayne Avenue address for the campaign, and is signed by his campaign treasurer, Dennis Charles. So we did a quick Google search on the address and found out that it is not a residential address, but a business address. Specifically, it is the address of Charles Madden PC, a CPA firm where Dennis Charles works."

"So, knowing that this can’t possibly be the Indiana residence of Evan Bayh like his Statement of Candidacy claims, it brings up a few questions:
1. Does Bayh actually claim this as his permanent Indiana residency as he appears to with the FEC?
2. If not, where is his residency?
3. He can’t register to vote at a business, so where is he registered to vote (is it even in Indiana)?"

So it's possible that the Indiana Senate race in 2010 could come down to a choice between two candidates from Virginia?? The oft-used term "carpetbagger" comes to mind.

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