Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coats' lobbying could be landmine in quest for Senate nomination

In the Indy Star:

"Dan Coats' jump back into politics is quickly turning into a case study in why strategists have a warning for those who leave office to become lobbyists: Good luck coming back.

Only 11 days into his campaign challenging Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., Coats' opponents have used his work as a Washington insider to tie him to no less than Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a major bank that received a federal bailout and Yemen -- the Middle Eastern nation that increasingly has become a terrorist training ground."

More baggage and he hasn't even gotten all the signatures for filing yet.

And wait 'til the 2 amendment folks get fired up, they haven't forgotten his vote on the assault weapons ban.  Nor should they. 

Coats' and Mike Sodrel's candidacies are all about MONEY - who can raise it.  Evan Bayh has $8 MILLION stashed and Baron Hill is ahead of Todd Young $800K to $300K.

Check out for some eye opening info on campaign finances.


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