Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Barry and Baron happy about PAYGO passing Senate!

In an Op-ed in tonight's Seymour Tribune, Congressman Baron "This is my town hall meeting, for you" Hill touts his involvement in getting PAYGO budget rules passed through the Senate. What the Congressman fails to mention is that PAYGO rules only apply to NEW spending, not debt already on the books. What that means to you and me is - get ready for higher taxes to pay for the next round of "emergency" spending programs! Not to mention no plan to cut the ballooning federal debt.

Baron concludes his piece with this:
"I believe we will see PAYGO signed into law in the next few weeks. There has been significant, and justifiable, concern recently about the debt our country is amassing and the threat that poses to our economic and national security. I agree completely and am ready to deliver on your demand to forge a new path toward fiscal discipline."


My question to you Congressman is this:

When did you find that "new path to fiscal discipline"?
Before or after your votes for the $787 billion stimulus package, cap and trade and the $1.2 TRILLION healthcare debacle?!!!
Before or after Scott Brown's election In Mass.?!!
Before or after 200 PATRIOTS marched in your hometown protesting the idiocy that you are participating in in Washington?!!

Give me a break!

We are counting down the days to November 2!!!

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