Thursday, September 30, 2010


"Great necessities call out great virtues.” -- Abigail Adams

I don’t ask for favors often, but our country needs your help.
Washington is broken and, for over 20 months now, my family and I have given all we can to restore responsible leadership to our Congress.  Many of you have helped us along the way.  Today, we need your help again.
After much hard work and sacrifice, my husband Todd remains positioned to win back the 9th District congressional seat for the people of southern Indiana.  But we must keep the momentum going.  Please respond today so that our campaign can respond to Baron Hill’s latest smear attacks against my husband. 
Our family is “all in.”  We’ve skimped on family time.  We’ve slept less than most families.  We’ve forgone income and depleted savings.   We’ve endured mean-spirited negative attacks.  We’ve put our hearts into the cause.  All the while, we’ve believed that we can make a difference, and help keep this the greatest nation on earth for America’s children and grandchildren.
Todd and I still believe that we can make a difference . . . but only with your help.  We have just 14 hours before our last quarterly fundraising report of the election.  With another record-setting fundraising report, Washington Republicans will invest significant resources into this race – enough to ensure that our message of fiscal responsibility and principled leadership is heard.
Please step up today.  Your financial contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $100 or whatever you can manage just may be the push we need to gain a majority in Congress, and remove Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s chair.

Together, we can make this time of great necessities a time of great virtues.
Yours in service,

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