Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dem base told: Fear Tea Party

At The Hill:

Democrats desperate to convince their base to show up at the polls in November have begun talking less about issues and more about the possibility of a “Tea Party Congress” next year.
The passage of landmark bills such as healthcare and financial regulatory reform has not triggered as much grassroots enthusiasm as initially envisioned, Democratic strategists say. And while the right is engaged this cycle, the left is deflated.
“This is a big problem,” said Democratic targeting and turnout guru Hal Malchow.
So Democrats have turned to a strategy that may be their next best bet: demonization of the “insurgent” Tea Party. 
“These are not your run-of-the-mill Republicans we’re talking about here,” said one Democratic organizer working in a state with a contested Senate race this fall. “When you actually start telling voters what these candidates are about, it scares the hell out of them.”
And that is what they are trying to do - scare the hell out of people!  That is the only strategy they have left - their policies have failed.  That is why now is the time for us to EDUCATE ourselves and other voters as to what the true issues are - strict adherence to the Constitution (particularly separation of powers),  limited government,  fiscal restraint and lower taxes.  In the 9th District it has begun in earnest, including Baron Hill's wife attacking a letter writer for being "hateful" in pointing out that Baron is not interested in listening to those who may disagree with him!  Check this previous post to determine for yourself if the writer was spreading hate.-SP

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