Thursday, September 23, 2010 Calls Baron Hill’s Ads False And Misleading

From the Todd Young campaign:

Independent watchdogs are calling Congressman Baron Hill’s recent spate of negative attacks on Republican challenger Todd Young false and misleading.
In a new report,, a non-partisan organization that monitors accuracy in U.S. politics, says Hill’s television ads, designed to scare seniors about the future of Social Security and Medicare, are“incorrect” and “without evidence.” 
This comes on the heels of Hill citing the Louisville Courier-Journal to claim that Young is not a deputy prosecutor. Contrary to Hill’s claim, the paper, in fact, clarified that “Young is a sworn deputy in the Orange County prosecutor's office.”
Baron Hill has been in Congress for 12 years. And yet his case for reelection rests not on his accomplishments, but exclusively on telling lies about his opponent.
Why? Because his record includes voting for the $1 trillion stimulus, the cap and trade energy tax that would double Indiana utility rates, and President Obama’s government takeover of health care that will cut $500 billion from Medicare. And since Hill returned to Congress in 2006, Indiana’s unemployment rate has increased 121 percent.
Baron Hill is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. And now amount of dishonesty can obscure his disastrous record.     

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  1. Here is a fact: Baron Hill has voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House three times: 2002, 2006, & 2008.

    The Speaker Education Project is non-partisan and works to educate voters about the election of the Speaker of the House.

    The 1st vote the new Congress will take in January is to elect a Speaker.

    To earn our votes, the candidates should tell us who they will vote for as Speaker of the House.

    Stay up to date with the Speaker Education Project on Facebook to keep track of who the candidates support for Speaker. And, when you meet a candidate ask them who they support as Speaker.

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