Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barbour, Daniels Talk About How Republicans Are Going to Win

From TIME:

Halperin: "Governor Daniels, I want to ask you a question I asked Governor Barbour the other day. It's kind of like The Newlywed Game, see if you give the same answer he gave, since you all are friends and like-minded on a lot of things. A lot of what's causing you all to be in a good position is things the administration has done and speaker of the House and the Senate leader have done. Democrats have caused by their actions a lot of the enthusiasm on your side. What are things your party has done affirmatively to put yourself in a position to be doing well at least right now?"
Daniels: "Not too darn much. That comes next. I would say this, I think the party, and Haley's closer to this, but has recruited some very good people to run in our little corner of the country we worked very hard on this, this is of no interest to folks elsewhere, but we have very high hopes of success in our state that will allow us to move forward. Some reforms have been blocked up to this time by our opponents in the General Assembly. We had great luck getting good people, a lot of first time people to run, which is often a leading indicator of a good year. When folks feel confident enough. So I think maybe the party's done that. Certainly, the gubernatorial candidates, that Haley and others have recruited and the congressional candidates I'm aware of are as good a crop. But other than that if you want to ask about policy, I think that's a blank yet to be filled in and I'd tell audiences at home, I'd say, 'We Republicans are on second base faster than I thought we'd be, but we didn't hit a double.' You know we got there, as your question implied, on a walk, on a pass ball, or something, the mistakes of the incumbents, of the incumbent party."
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