Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bad News For Baron

From the Todd Young campaign:

With his votes for the $1 trillion dollar stimulus, the cap and trade energy tax and President Obama’s government takeover of our health care system, Baron Hill turned his back on the people of southern Indiana.
Now, in a fitting twist of irony, Hill is being abandoned by his friends in Washington.
According to National Journal’s Hotline on Call, in what the publication describes as a “significant blow” to Hill’s hopes for the fall, House Democrats are pulling out of Indiana and cancelling their advertising in Indiana’s 9thDistrict for part of October.
This news comes two weeks after the New York Times wrote that House Democrats were planning a “brutal triage” of their incumbents that would result in the more vulnerable members and candidates being left to fend for themselves mid-September.
Apparently Democrats see the writing the wall: After years of being ignored and insulted by their congressman, Hoosier voters are ready for a representative who shares their values, not those of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.
And with his recent string of misleading, unsourced and unfounded attacks on Republican challenger Todd Young, it’s clear Hill hears the call for new leadership as well.
No wonder he’s so desperate. But thousands of lost jobs and $13 trillion worth of debt later, Hill only has himself to blame.
You, with your hard work and generous support, have helped us get to this point. But now is not the time to let up. This race is far from over and Hill will soon ratchet up his negative attacks.
We have to be ready and we have to fight back. The only way we can do this with your continued support. Help by contributing $1000, $500, $100, $50, or whatever you can before the filing deadline on September 30.
Baron Hill is on the ropes. Please help us put him down for the count!  

In Service, 

Friends of Todd Young

I challenge any of you who are reading this to CONTRIBUTE TO TODD YOUNG NOW!  I have just contributed another $100, I challenge you to do the same (or send whatever you can)--TODAY!!-SP

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  1. As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is just as powerful as the President in setting the direction of our country from Washington.

    Baron Hill has voted for Speaker Pelosi three times. The first voter the new Congress will take in January is for Speaker.

    When you see Baron Hill and Todd Young ask them this: "Who will you vote for as Speaker of the House?"

    Stay up to date with the Speaker Education Project on Facebook.

    For Baron Hill:

    For Todd Young: