Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Gov't Crowd-Unholy public-sector coalition

From Steve Malanga at The New York Post:

The Tea Party movement may have arisen to protest rising deficits and increasing federal control of everything from health care to the auto industry -- but the big-government coalition it's fighting wasn't born in Washington. The federal agenda that the movement is now battling to overturn originated in state capitals like Albany, Trenton and Sacramento.
This agenda has been promoted with growing success in the last 50 years by a self-interested coalition of public-sector unions and social-advocacy groups that benefit from bigger government, higher taxes and more public control of the economy. Merely "taking back" Congress on Election Day won't stop the relentless rise of this coalition, which has at its disposal enormous resources.

This is why we must rally as many people as we can to OUR movement.  This "big govt. crowd" is deeply entrenched in state and local organizations and their budgets depend on the Federal dollars.  As a firefighter back in the '70s,  I saw the dangers of unfunded liabilities in the police and fire pension system in Indiana.  And while it has improved for police/fire pensions, teachers pensions and others are in trouble.  That means the taxpayers are in trouble, too.  The TEA Party movement is not just about politics but stands in opposition to the entire "Progressive" agenda that requires the "educated elites" determine what is "right" or "fair" and the rest of us are required to pony up to provide the means to their ends. - SP

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