Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update on the Seymour, IN TEA Party today

About 100 hardy Patriots braved the blustery weather today to gather in Seymour, IN to protest the Obama healthcare "reform" in particular and express their desire for more limited government and greater liberty.  A number of speakers gave brief talks and then the crowd proceeded to march along US Highway 50 to demonstrate with signs and flags.

Highlighting the event were three of the 9th Indiana Congressional District candidates Mike Sodrel, Travis Hankins and Todd Young.  All gave brief talks and were well received by the folks.  Many thanks to each of them for coming out to support the We The People Patriots in Jackson County!

A local physician, Dr. William Blaisdell, also gave a very informative talk about what to expect if the Obamacare legislation is passed.  His main concerns were centered around greater bureaucratic interference with doctor/patient decisions, malpractice tort reform and increased costs.

Patriots were in attendence from Seymour, Brownstown, Bedford, North Vernon, Corydon and Indianapolis!  Many thanks to those that attended!

Here are some pictures of the event:


  1. looks like a great turnout, i really wish i would have been able to make it over.
    I'm proud to see my fellow Americans waking up.

  2. Linked over at Northwest Indiana Politics, thanks for giving us a view of things in your area.