Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baron “My Congressional Office” Hill on Possible Defeat After ObamaCare Vote: “Then So Be It”

From The Hoosierpundit:
This video clip is from before the vote, but the audio from Baron Hill is classic (it's about a minute from the end):


So, what if this vote means Hill isn't re-elected?

"Then so be it. I'm convinced that 10 years from now, I'll look back on this knowing full well that I made the right vote and I believe it's unfortunate I would not get elected at some point people along the line would realize this is a good thing not a bad thing," says Congressman Baron Hill.

Baron's defenders will depict this as some sort of perverse form of political courage.

However, it only takes a quick review of the facts of Baron's history on ObamaCare to see this not as courage but as arrogance.

It's his Congressional office, after all, and we won't be telling him how to run it or how to vote.

And now we have the second statement right from Baron's own mouth to reiterate his arrogance.

If you don't like how he voted and want to vote him out?

"Then so be it."

He just doesn't care what we think.

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