Monday, March 22, 2010

Here is a letter that I received today from Jon Stahl, leader of the Jackson County (IN) We The People group.  Jon was with the Patriots in Washington this past weekend and these are his feelings and thoughts to the group about the events of this weekend and about going forward:
Greetings Fellow Patriots;

Sorry to say, we failed (to a large degree) in Washington this weekend. There was a crowd of about 25,000 people, maybe even 30,000 or more. However, on an issue like this big step towards socialism / Marxism, there should have been a million or more. Yes, we probably did make some politicians think twice but 25,000 - 30,000 is a drop in the bucket to the millions that have been promised the spoils. I must tell you I was disappointed. Those that were there, were great. The enthusiasm was overwhelming. I have failed in the past to get involved and don't really like being on the street protesting like the radicals of the 1960's However, it is either time to stand up for what you believe in or take what these ____________(insert your favorite name for politician) hand out to you. Yes, it has come to this; either start a whole new fight against those who would throw our Constitution and history into the sewer or sit home and wait for what they hand out----simple as that folks.

We had one member of We The People Jackson County walk the streets of Seymour all last week. Thanks Roger Jerrell !

The Progressives want us to be like the Europeans. I have a SHS classmate and his wife who love Europe. They think "free" health care is a "right" like in Europe. Then should we not have added an article to the Bill of Rights before passing such a bill? There is a country with a bill of rights where it is a documented "right" to have health care, a job, a home and food. However, the Soviet Union has never been able to hold up to that promise. Seems their government control of everything has killed economic incentive and production to the point that food on the grocery shelves is a rarity. I have asked my classmate and fishing friend how many bass boats he has seen being towed in Europe. Silence. He has expounded on how they get by on such little electricity use and therefore produce less carbon. Some live on 2000 watts of electricity. Yes, they have refrigerators that are about as big as a picnic cooler. I told him a toaster uses 1100 watts of electricity. Is that where we want to go? We are still friends---we just disagree.

Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 pushed for a "right" to own a home. You can see what that has done in the past 30 years---it helped create a housing bubble and crash with both Bush 1 & 2, Bill Clinton and now Obama funding groups like ACORN to harass banks into loaning to risky folks. Yet, Barney Frank and others are still using the rules from that Community Reinvestment Act to promote risky loans in many places today, even after such a crash with no real recovery. Frank's seat as Chair of the Financial Services Committee has control over Freddie & Fannie---the FDIC of the mortgage world------and he is overseeing the 16 billion dollar (per quarter) losses of those two institutions yet he still pushes for more loans to risky folks. The CRA made it law for the Financial Services Committee to have leverage over banks that, like ACORN, can pressure banks into such risky loans. Our government owns nearly half of all mortgages (mostly bad loans) in this country through these two corrupt agencies.

When will we take a real stand? Have we lost the battle? I don't think so but we must mobilize with more support now. The elections in the fall will be huge. The election in 2012 will also be huge. The opportunity to repeal this socialist law depends upon these two voting cycles. Don't sit and be an observer. Don't sit and complain. You must help recruit. You must ask friends to get involved. You must volunteer to register folks to vote who are also concerned about the future of this country. You must hit the streets and make your feelings very public. Politicians react to negative public attention. Some will call us political terrorists just because we love the Constitution that was given to us from the framers like Washington, Jefferson and Adams. They gave us a framework that put individuals above the collective (a communist term). They gave us a framework for real Freedom from an oppressive government, Liberty (government of the people, by the people and for the people) and the pursuit of individual choices to happiness.

We have a rally planned on April 15th. How many will show up? I had a vision of 1000 people being there. Will 1000 care enough to be there? Or will we have 100 show up with several thousand sitting at home unhappy with Washington. I asked for each member to recruit 10 people to help us. I know they are out there. I hear it from many each day. I talked to a Democrat friend last week about the state of the economy. This long time friend has held office at the state level. He has served our young folks. And he is still working for our community prosperity. He and I have always been able to talk openly and respect each other. I told him I was a conservative independent and he was a Democrat. At that point he stopped me and said, " I don't know that I am a Democrat any longer, this Democrat party does not look like the Democrat party I knew growing up". There is unrest folks. Will you respond to help pass on the legacy of our country to our children and posterity beyond? Or will we sit and "take it"?

Jon Stahl
What will YOU do? -SP