Friday, March 26, 2010

Baron Hill fundraiser protest - Monday March 29 in Scottsburg, IN!

TO:          All Indiana 9th District Patriots
FROM:    We The People - Jackson County, IN
RE:           Baron Hill fundraiser protest

Calling all 9th District Patriots!

Baron Hill is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in Scottsburg, IN on Monday, March 29, 2010.

Since Congressman Hill continues to  ignore the calls of his constituents for less government intervention into our lives, we have decide to express our conerns to him publically in the form of a protest rally in Scottsburg on Monday. 

Here are directions to the event:

Take Indiana 56 East off of I65 and go straight east into Scottsburg until you cross the railroad tracks. The next cross street is Main, turn left (north) onto Main and go one block north. There is public parking at Heritage Station and along the sides of Main Street.

When you turn onto Main you will see the courthouse to your right. By 4:00 p.m. there may be some parking around the Courthouse Square.

For as many as can be-----try to be there by 4:00 For others, come when you can. Some may need to leave early and some may get there late----just be there !! Car pool if you can set it up.

DO NOT YELL AT Congressman Hill or his hosts! Do not start any type of verbal interaction with these folks at all. We can be more respectful than some have been to us. So let us take the high road. Our presence and our signs alone will make a better impression. We do not intend to be used by the Saul Alinski radicals for media fodder.

Make sure your signs have no violent nature to them. YES, the radicals will use every dirty trick they can to make us look bad in the public eye. YES, Alinski taught these radical Progressives to ridicule their opposition at every opportunity, trying to destroy our credibility. YES they may even try to provoke bad behavior from us----so be prepared. IF we are confronted by some of these Progressives, just walk away and keep moving.

PLEASE STAY ON PUBLIC PROPERTY----------sidewalks and parking lots.

This is our first chance since the vote last week to let Congressman Hill know how we 9th District voters REALLY feel about his recent votes in Congress.  If you can't make it PLEASE CALL SOMEONE WHO CAN!  PASS THE WORD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  WE NEED A BIG LOUD CROWD! - SP

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