Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Chicago Way

From John Kass at The Chicago Tribune:
"This whole health care thing is Chicago," Laski said.
Except, that in Chicago, the mayor's guy doesn't meet you naked in the shower to twist your arm. It's just not done.

"But in Chicago, you're an alderman and the mayor's guy comes in your office, drops a legislative package on your desk, and then says, ‘You vote ‘yes' on this tomorrow, OK?'

"You haven't read it, you really don't know who's going to make a score, there are no real details, but you're expected to vote for it.

"The same thing with health care in Washington. Who knows what's really in it? Nobody. But the president's guys tell the congressmen, ‘You vote on this or else.' It's called arm-twisting but it's really arm-breaking. That's the Chicago Way."

Obviously, this isn't exactly what the president promised while campaigning, promising to transcend the broken politics of the past.

This is the broken politics of the past.

So get those Hopium pipes ready. It might look like Washington. But after a few puffs, it'll start looking more Chicago every day.
Read it all to really understand what is happening now on Capitol Hill!  This is hardball politics and it's time to start playing hardball back! - SP

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