Thursday, March 18, 2010

UPDATE: TEA Party Protests at Baron Hill's Bloomington & Jeffersonville Offices!

Here are a few pictures of the TEA Party protests at Baron Hill's Bloomington and Jeffersonville offices earlier today.  Jon and Laura Stahl from Seymour were in attendence at Bloomington and myself and Roger Jerrell from Seymour went to Jeff.   There were many other Patriots from Corydon, Louisville(!!), Floyd County, Bloomington and elsewhere throughout the 9th District!  When I find out who some of the other folks were,  I'll acknowledge them here.

It looks like the folks at Bloomington went inside to discuss things with the Congressman's staff!

Patriots in Bloomington

In Jeff we set up at the entrance to Baron's office and got many honks of support from passing motorists.

Our tax dollars not working for us!

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