Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FLASH!!!! TEA Party rally in Baron Hill's hometown!

If you live in the Indiana 9th Congressional District and have been upset with the actions/inactions of Congressman Baron Hill, then don't miss the opportunity to express your frustration in his hometown this Sunday March 14 at 1:00 PM.

We The People of Jackson County are holding a rally in Seymour, Indiana this Sunday to protest the continued reluctance of our Congressman to listen to his constituents.  Our calls, letters and attendence at town hall meetings continue to fall on deaf ears. 

As of this writing Baron Hill is still listed as Undecided on the House healthcare vote, but everyone here in the 9th knows that he supports the President's unsustainable new entitlement program.

If you support the Constitution and believe that our Congresspeople need to concentrate on job creation, business development and cut the size of government, then you and all your friends should be at this rally.  Come to the instersection of US Highway 50 and Walnut Streets in Seymour and turn north one block.

Come to Seymour this Sunday and let your voice be heard!-SP

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