Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Upcoming TEA Party events in the 9th District!

From Julia Ottenweller of the Freedom Group of Brown County:

VJ Day Parade on Sunday in Seymour.  Jon says about 80 people have committed to march, but he would like to have more.  Baron Hill will be just ahead of our sister group from Seymour.  You can wear your Todd Young t-shirt if you like.
Here are the details of the VJ Day Parade;

Meet in front of Seymour High School ----No later than 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 8th

The intersection of Community Drive and West 2nd Street will be closed, so you will need to come from the north on Community Drive.

The parade route will be;  east on 2nd Street from the high school, then turn north at Walnut and 2nd Street. When we reach 5th Street the parade will stop. The trailer will turn west on 5th Street and return to Community Drive. For those "walkers", you should meet at the corner of 5th and Walnut (stopping point of the parade) and car pool to Community Drive at 12:00. This way, some cars will be at the stopping point when the parade is over and you can car pool people back to the remaining cars on Community Drive. Otherwise, the trailer will drop off the "riders" at Community Drive and come back to Walnut & 5th Street to get you back to your car.

The parade will last about an hour or a little less. Wear a hat. Bring some water in case it is hot. Wear red /white /blue or our Tea Party shirts. Bring your signs (make sure they are not offensive). Let's have some fun and show the public what We The People should be like in a free society---actively involved to insure that freedom!

2.       EVENT - Bus Trip from Indianapolis for the 912 Taxpayer March on Washington 2010, Sept. 10-12http://www.indianapolisteaparty.com/events/2010-09-10/september-10-september-12-indianapolis-tea-party-hosts-bus-trip-washington-dc   Deadline to purchase your ticket and reserve a room in DC has been extended until August 15.  There are only 30 seats left and many people have been inquiring about them.  Kathy and I are going.
3.       EVENT – September 16, Oliver North will be in Dyer, IN.  No charge to attend, but reservations are required and seating is limited:  http://biglifeonline.org/home   Thanks to Lisa.
4.       EVENT – Friends of Liberty Day at King’s Island, Saturday, September 4  (Thanks to Lisa):
Part Rally, Part Seminar, All Fun
Part Rally, Part Seminar, All Fun
Dear Fellow Citizens and Taxpayers,
If you want to catch up on the State of the Nation, Issues Affecting Ohioans and end your summer with some great speakers, candidates and a big Friends of Liberty BBQ Lunch - you've got to join us at Kings Island for Friends of Liberty Day - Saturday, September 4th.

We'll soon release the exact time and schedule for each speaker at the park. You can then pick and choose which speakers and topics you'd like to hear. The remainder of your time can be spent enjoying Kings Island's great rides and attractions with family and friends.

This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or neighbor to Tea Party principles and show them what Friends of Liberty believe.

Basic Agenda for Friends of Liberty Day:

9am-Close - Park open to everyone for rides and attractions

1pm-4:30pm - Private Picnic Area - Friends of Liberty BBQ Lunch
-Featured Speaker to be announced
-Friends of Liberty from all over Ohio, Kentucky and Ohio to attend

4:30pm-4:45pm - International Showplace Amphitheater - What is the Tea Party Movement?
- Brief overview of Tea Party movement for general public

5pm-7:15pm - Peanuts Playhouse Amphitheater - The Nation Speaks
- Traditional tea party speakers
- Speakers from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky along with Americans for Prosperity
- Topics vary, but mostly citizen speakers

5pm-7:15pm - Kings Island Theater - Issues effecting Ohioans
- This is for advanced Tea Partiers only. Serious content!
Ohio Freedom Alliance:  Economic and Monetary Policy
1851 Center for Constitutional Law: Ohio, US Constitution and State Sovereignty
- Buckeye Institute:  Solutions for Ohio

7:30pm-8:45pm - Festhaus - Dinner with the Candidates - Sponsored by Ohio Tea Party PAC
- Various Statewide and Congressional candidates will be featured
- Seth Morgan to moderate
- Times and list of candidates available shortly

9pm - Eiffel Tower Concert Stage - Closing Concert and Fireworks
- Closing comments
Jordan Page Musical Concert
- Fireworks

- $0 for Season Pass holders
- $19.99 for General Admission ($49.99 regular Kings Island admission at the door)
- Friends of Liberty Lunch: $9.99 for adults, $6.99 for kids
- All ticket proceeds go directly to Kings Island. This is not a fundraiser.

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