Monday, August 23, 2010

Todd Young out raising Baron Hill - from individuals!

At Open Secrets:

Todd Young has raised more money from individuals that Baron Hill in this election cycle, but Baron has raised 10 times as much as Young from PACs (political action committees- i.e "special interests").  Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is - send a contribution to Todd Young TODAY!!  Here is the link. - SP

Baron Hill (D) *

Raised: $1,427,444
Spent: $319,842
Cash on Hand: $1,108,668
Last Report:June 30, 2010
legendPAC contributions$838,042(59%)
legendIndividual contributions$534,691(37%)
legendCandidate self-financing$0(0%)

Todd Young (R)

Raised: $844,802
Spent: $585,162
Cash on Hand: $259,638
Last Report:June 30, 2010
legendPAC contributions$50,500(6%)
legendIndividual contributions$794,011(94%)
legendCandidate self-financing$0(0%)


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