Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baron Starts His Walking Tour In Jennings County To An Interesting Reception!

I received this picture from Scott Morgan showing Baron's reception to his walking tour in Jennings County.  He's smiling in this pic but, trust me, he's not happy!  Thanks Scott!! - SP

From Marshall Holwager of we The People Jennings County:  
On Saturday August 7, 2010 Baron Hill decided he would do a walking tour through Jennings. The TEA Party caught up with him at the Summer Festival in North Vernon. Unfortunately he had to leave early. He had his aides pick him up and wisk him away.

Here is another pic from Marshall:

Baron's welcoming committee in North Vernon last Saturday

Keep your eyes and ears open, find our where Baron is going to be next and let's make sure we have people there to "greet" him. -SP

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