Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Town Meeting" in Seymour Thursday October 21st!!

Are you ready to do something right here in Jackson County to help stop Pelosi
from ramming more of her progressive agenda down our throats?

Even if you are not 100% a Todd Young fan, you CAN BE 100% against sending Baron Hill back to Congress for another two years of bailouts, stimulus bills, and tax increases.  Let’s show Baron Hill that We The People have more power than all his campaign money, union support, and negative TV ads.  We The People will have the final say in which agenda is best for the future of America! 

I am hosting a We The People “Town Meeting” to see how many of you are ready to be active in a grassroots, GET OUT THE VOTE campaign against Baron Hill, Nancy Pelosi, and ultimately, the move toward socialism.   We need your help contacting voters who would be swayed by Baron’s TV campaign lies.  We need to stand on the truth and tell these voters to vote for Todd Young, if they want to STOP THE SPENDING, REPEAL OBAMACARE, and TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND!!  

Todd Young has promised to attend our Town Meeting!!  Please come to meet Todd Young and hear how he will stand up to the corrupt Washington politicians for what is right for us and for the country.  And we can let him know what OUR expectations are for him to represent We The People of Jackson County, because this is OUR Town Meeting!   We will pray for Todd and encourage him to stand strong on the Constitution and strong for us in Washington.

Come to our Town Meeting THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21ST, 6PM, at my house, 451 Lasher Dr., Seymour. 
Meet Todd Young, hear the truth about Todd “straight from Todd”, and volunteer to help put an end to Baron Hill’s arrogance and unconstitutional spending of our money.

If you want to make a difference, please, PLEASE, PLEASE come our Town Meeting and  volunteer to help us.  If we get enough volunteers at this meeting, we will organize to call targeted voters, knock on doors, deliver yard signs, or write personal letters to the editor or to friends and neighbors.  We will counter Baron’s lies with the truth and ask them to vote for Todd Young for Congress if they want American style liberty for their children and grand children and generations to come.  

Please RSVP as soon as possible!!

God Bless America!
 Lisa T. Mincy

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