Thursday, October 28, 2010

Outside groups double spending on Ind.'s congressional racese

At The Indy Star:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee now is the biggest spender, paying more than $2 million for ads against the Republicans trying to defeat Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Granger, and Rep. Baron Hill, D-Seymour.
Never mind what the PEOPLE in the 9th District might think!  The DCCC wants to get Baron re-elected because THEIR constituency (i.e. trial lawyers, unions and other special interest groupswants to keep a sure vote for their progressive, liberal agenda!!-SP

Most of the outside spending has gone to the Donnelly and Hill race — more than $3 million in each. Both rank among the top 25 House races nationwide for spending by outside groups, according to the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan group tracking spending. 
 Both Hill and GOP challenger Todd Young had spent about $1.6 million through Oct. 13. Hill still had $379,052, and Young still had $148,274.

Of the $3 million in outside spending reported through Wednesday in the 9th District, about $1.6 million benefited Hill and $1.4 million benefited Young.

In addition to $1.3 million in help from the DCCC, Hill’s next-biggest backer is the Service Employees International Union, which spent $177,656 on radio and TV ads against Young. 
Oh yeah, that's the same SEIU whose radical, Saul Alinsky disciple, former president Andy Stern has been one of the most frequent visitors to the Obama Oval Office since 2009, along with George Soros.  Now, tell me again Baron about your respect for Hoosier values! -SP

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  1. Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker? Baron Hill has three times and when pushed by the Louisville Courier-Journal said that he would again if she were the nominee.

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