Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baron Hill's Smokescreen!

During the Indiana 9th District Congressional debate Tuesday night in Bloomington, Baron Hill attempted to draw Todd Young into a "pledge" to not privatize Social Security.  It was a weak attempt by Hill to drive voters away from Todd Young, after the Hill campaign ad showing Young calling Social Security a "Ponzi scheme".

Some thoughts:

First, Social Security IS a Ponzi scheme.  The benefits paid to those "first in" are paid by those who are "last in" and that is no different than the schemes that Bernie Madoff and (closer to home) Tim Durham perpetrated on their investors.  The only difference is that Madoff and Durham used much of the funds they collected for their own personal aggrandizement.

Secondly, will someone in the Todd Young camp PLEASE tell the candidate to hammer Baron Hill on his voting record and don't stop hammering!  Baron has tried to make a career out of telling everyone in this district how he is a "fiscal conservative".  In fact, Baron Hill has voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 86% of the time on key votes.  (12 of 14).  His voting record is far from conservative!  Here is a link to follow for proof!

Here are the votes:

1. Voted FOR repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell
2. Voted FOR New Jobs Stimulus bill                                COST $116 BILLION
3. Voted FOR The Original Stimulus Bill                            COST $787 BILLION
4. Voted FOR SCHIP                                                       COST $  33 BILLION
5. Voted FOR the Lily Ledbetter law to enrich trial lawyers
6. Voted FOR Cap and Trade                                           COST ?????? BILLION
7. Voted FOR ObamaCare                                                COST $1.3 TRILLION
8. Voted FOR Medicare doctor fix budget gimmick           COST $200 BILLION
9. Voted FOR Estate tax increase
10. Voted FOR increasing the Federal debt limit                COST $1.9 TRILLION
11. Voted FOR another Jobs  stimulus bill                         COST $19.5 BILLION
12. Voted FOR Senate healthcare bill by parliamentary trickery

These votes, in my opinion, are far from being conservative.  Baron Hill is NOT a Conservative!!  He calls himself a Blue Dog but I say he is a Nancy Pelosi LAPDOG!  He is an arrogant, Liberal, tax and spend, Progressive who has supported Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama in order to further his political career in Washington, DC.  He no longer (if ever) represents the voters of the 9th District and needs to be sent to retirement 2 weeks from today.


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