Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seymour,IN TEA Party Alert!!

Fellow Patriots;

We have about 20 folks signed up to walk/ride in the August 8th VJ Day Parade. COME ON FOLKS-----make a commitment now. The parade will last about an hour on a Sunday afternoon. We need people of all ages. Those that don’t think they can walk will be reserved a place on the trailer to ride. We will start calling people one on one to get the numbers we need but you could save us a lot of time by making a commitment to our group via e-mail. Baron Hill will be walking the parade route trying to swing votes. Do you really want a one man show in this 9th district parade?

If you have not seen this, please check out the following web site. It has been set up to help the State of Arizona in fighting the law suit brought against them by Obama. Please help with what you can. Now is the time for all good Patriots to take a stand. Has common sense been lost forever? Are we ready to sit and become serfs of this big government? That is what will happen if we continue to sit, be silent and out of sight. Check this out;

We do not hate Hispanic people. Many, if not most, are fine folks trying to help their families but when the government leaves the southern borders open we not only get the scum of Latin America coming into our country, we are discriminating against those from other countries that have to jump through difficult and expensive hoops. Yes, our government has been discriminating for years.

Please make a commitment to working for the candidate of your choice. We have the chance to replace “far left people” in our 9th district and the state district #66 this fall. They need your help with making phone calls, stuffing envelopes and cash. Come on folks---let’s get it done this fall. We need all of you to be active!! Check out our blogsite for campaign web sites to help or contact your candidate of choice.

I am still getting a few new members from you folks but there is room for many more.

Jon Stahl

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