Monday, July 26, 2010

Bus trip from Seymour to Glenn Beck Rally.


If you want an overnight bus trip to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor (Aug. 28), act quickly: (Thanks to Ron.)

Bus reserved for this rally. Holds 54 people, 13 seats sold.

Leave Seymour, Shops of Seymour(Tanger Mall) at 6:00P Friday August 27th,

Arrive Washington D.C. with drop off near Lincoln Memorial Saturday the 28th around 8 or 9AM.

Leave Washington D.C. 6:00P - Pickup location not determined at this time, my instructions to the Bus line were as close to the Lincoln Memorial as possible. Actual pickup place and time to be determined as soon as I can talk to bus driver.

You will be informed prior to arrival.

Arrive Seymour, Sunday 29th around 7 or 8AM.

Price: $125.00 per seat

You may leave your vehicle at the Shops of Seymour Outlet. I will need vehicle description and License Plate number for Seymour Police Dept. and Shops of Seymour operational personnel.

You may purchase your seat by contacting Global Travel, 117 W. 2nd St., Seymour, In. 522-8395. All seats must be purchased by July 23rd, 2010. For any other questions contact Brent Goben 812-528-0789 or

There will be a stop for driver exchange, food and beverage will be available at this location for purchase.

Bring a small pillow, and lap throw for the trip. You may bring your own snacks and drinks on the bus, there will be room in the luggage compartment for any signs, flags, etc. you wish to have at the rally. According to Beck this will be the last public demonstration (rally) allowed at this location per Washington DC authorities.

As it stands now we have 31 people signed up to go, need 23 more by Tuesday the 27th of July at 1:00P. If I don't have enough people signed up by then the trip will be cancelled, everyone will get there money back. I'm on the hook for 54 seats at $125 per. The 27th of July is the last day I can cancel and people get there money back.

Thanks for the interest.


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