Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome Seymour/Jackson County bloggers! I decided that it was time to venture out into another one of the lanes on the information superhighway and put together this blog. It seems that some of the folks that I have been bombarding with emails about the ongoing political craziness don't appreciate me filling up their email boxes (rightfully so, I guess).

So I have established this blog as a way to communicate some of the wealth of information that I look at on a regular basis. This marvel called the Internet gives us a wonderful opportunity to communicate mass quantities of information so quickly and efficiently. And in today's political environment it is having a profound impact, as we witnessed in last week's election. In the days of the founding of this Republic, the citizens established Committees of Correspondence in order to keep informed of what was happening in each of the Colonies but they were hampered by the weeks and months that it took to get a written communique throughout the country. Today we can send such much more info in milliseconds and it is making a difference!

So that is my mission here - to provide info and correspondence to those who are concerned with the direction of our beloved Republic. I hope you join with me, I intend to leave the comments section open (for now), so let me know your thoughts. Hopefully you will find the things talked about here and the links provided to be of some benefit.

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  1. Great site - Good job ! This will be on my "daily do" list.