Monday, January 25, 2010

Move On to rally at Baron Hill's office in Bloomington, Tea party to counter!

This just in from the Bloomington Tea Party Patriots: is putting on a rally at Baron Hill's office in Bloomington tomorrow (Inside the Shower's Bldg, corner of 7th and Morton. Enter from the SW corner of the bldg. Other entrances are for other offices.). The message they want to present as quoted from their event webpage is, "Our message is that the best response to recent disappointing events is to advance a more, not less, progressive platform.".

We have been asked by one of your fellow patriots to stage a counter protest. This is an excellent idea. All of you that can be there at noon tomorrow, please plan to attend. Please allow the MoveOn folks to have their space and treat them with respect. If there is any conflict, we need to be the ones who demonstrate respect for others opinions. Don't give anyone reason to give us bad press about our behavior. Take the High Road like you always have in the past.

Spencer Leiter

Bloomington Tea Party Patriots

If any Tea Party/We the People folks care to participate it will be Tuesday January 26, 2010 at twelve noon in Bloomington at the location indicated in the above post.

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