Thursday, December 2, 2010

Video: Sessions blasts Reid strategy for DREAM Act


Have you ever had that recurring dream where you get to school and find your class in the middle of a final exam? How about four versions of a final exam?  Senator Jeff Sessions blasted Harry Reid for attempting to flood the Senate with not just one DREAM Act, which would offer amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants, but with four competing versions of the same proposal.  The bills on the current agenda include these four versions of DREAM, according to one source on Capitol Hill:
  • S. 3827, Sept. 23rd
  • S. 3962, Nov. 18th
  • S. 3963, Nov. 18th
  • S. 3992, Dec 1st
Perhaps a broad, resource-rich approach would work better at the border than it does in the Senate.  Sessions wonders if Democrats slept through the midterms and missed the message on their agenda:
“I was disappointed that, apparently as a result of the Majority Leader’s promises, we now may have a fourth version of the DREAM Act, produced last night at 8:45, that he seeks to bring on the floor. We haven’t had a hearing on that in seven years. The American people did not vote for amnesty in this past election. I think it’s clear, as Senator McCain said, the national consensus is and he’s accepted this, that we have to have lawfulness in the immigration system before we start giving millions amnesty—as this bill will do. And it will be resisted with every strength and every ability that I have to do so. Because this is a lame-duck Congress, it will not pass next year, and it’s not going to pass this year if I have anything to do about it, I just tell you.
“This is not a good idea, it’s not well written, it does far more than its supporters say, and it will create litigation in massive amounts that will disrupt the entire ability of immigration officials to do their jobs.”
Democrats haven’t had time to deal with the tax hikes scheduled for the end of the year, nor have they put together a budget for the current fiscal year — but they’ve had enough time to submit four different versions of the DREAM Act in the last ten weeks.  That speaks volumes about the perverse priorities of the Democrats in Congress, and to their refusal to listen to the people who elected them — and to those who sent some of their number into early retirement.  After spending all year angering the electorate by passing massive bills without bothering to read or publish them before a vote, all while the economy stagnated, they want to end their majority control in the exact same manner.
The DREAM Act is only part of a larger recurring nightmare of Democratic control in Washington, a nightmare from which we are about to awaken.

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