Saturday, December 18, 2010

DREAM Senate Vote Fails


The DREAM Act cloture vote just failed in the Senate, 55 to 41.

The cloture vote was on the version of DREAM that passed the House earlier this month.

Among Republicans, only Sens. Bob Bennett of Utah, Richard Lugar of Indiana, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted for the bill.  ( What do these three RINOs have in common?  Bennett and Murkowski got TEA Party primary challengers in the last election Lugar will get his in the next!!!)-SP

On the Democat side, Sens. Jon Tester of Montana, Max Baucus of Montana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mark Pyror of Arkansas, and Kay Hagan of North Carolina voted against the bill.

Also, for those curious, the other three senators who did not vote were Sens. Jim Bunning (R., Kentucky), former DREAM Act sponsor Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), and Judd Gregg (R., New Hampshire).

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