Friday, November 12, 2010

Fred Thompson: The Deficit Commission chairmen’s proposal is “breathtaking”

From Hot Air:

Listen to the clip here. It’s not that he’s sold on each and every particular, mind you, it’s just that he’s stunned to see any sort of sweeping proposal for entitlement — and tax! — reform emerging from any member of a government body. (Paul Ryan excepted, of course.) I’m thunderstruck too, not by all of the specifics but by the mere fact that someone in a position of authority is trying to force a national debate about meaningful spending cuts. That’s how disgracefully pathetic our political leadership has been in confronting the subject of debt and deficit publicly. Kent Conrad said this morning on GMA that “If some of us have to sacrifice a political career to get this country back on track, then so be it”; not only is that the proper attitude for a civic-minded politician to have, it’s an absolutely necessary one given the inevitability of an electoral backlash to cuts. But until a majority of congressmen have it — if ever they do — we’re stuck with the sort of stalemate that’s already doomed the Bowles/Simpson proposal to fail.


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