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Friday, February 25     12:00 (Noon) - 1:00 pm


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Flash Rally Protest!  Join us!

When:  Friday, February 25, 2011
Time:  12:00 (Noon) - 1:00 pm
Location:  Indiana Statehouse, 200 W Washington Street, Indianapolis

Sign Messages:  Theme "Dems" Get Back to Work!

Why the Protest:  As many of you probably have heard, the Indiana House Dems. WENT MISSING IN ACTION!  They didn't show up for the job that 'We the People' elected them to do - represent us.  This is a BIG DEAL!  If we missed work, what would happen?  We would get FIRED!  We will be having this rally to show displeasure for our representatives fleeing town instead of doing their job.  Even if they do return to work this week, WE WILL STILL HAVE THE RALLY! 

Business has come to a halt there at the Statehouse because THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB. 
Join US on Friday to let our officials know that we will not stand for this!

The Indianapolis Tea Party

P.S.  Check our website for all updated information on the protest

P.S.S.  Make sure to dress warmly!
4 Articles Strike a Cord!
See what Governor Mitch Daniels says!  Remember, several months ago the Governor said Social Issues were off the table and now see the Governor's thoughts on the Right to Work bill.  
We want our elected officials to stand for the Rule of Law!  Period!  Isn't that what we have been fighting for the last 2 years?

"Gov. Mitch Daniels signaled this afternoon that Republicans should drop the right-to-work bill that has brought the Indiana House to a standstill for two days and imperiled other measures.
Daniels told reporters this afternoon that he expects HouseDemocrats will return to work if the bill dies. It would be unfortunate if other bills are caught up in the turmoil, he said.
He will not send out state police to corral the Democrats, the Republican governor said. The Democrat minority has right to express its views, he added.
The governor clung to his view that this is not the year to tackle right to work."

Read 2nd Article 
"Gov. Mitch Daniels tried to diffuse the House Democrat walkout Tuesday by saying he thinks they will return when a controversial anti-labor bill dies later tonight."
Read 3rd Article
"Asked at what point he would call in the Indiana State Police to attempt to round up the Democrats, Bosma said: "We'll see how the day goes."

Read 4th Article
 "Today Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana dealt a serious blow to his chances for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, when he caved in to the walk-out by Democrats in the Indiana House over a controversial right-to-work bill. Beth 
Schneider writes in the Indianapolis Star:
Daniels told reporters this afternoon that he expects House Democrats will return to work if the bill dies. It would be unfortunate if other bills are caught up in the turmoil, he said."

Call the Governor's office TODAY and voice your opinion @   317-232-4567AND SEND EMAIL NOW!

Call Speaker of the House Brian Bosma to voice your opinion @ 
317-232-9657 AND SEND EMAIL NOW!

 General Rules for a Peaceful Protest:
  • Do not block sidewalks & streets with your bodies or signs.
  • Avoid conflicts & any physical contact with any opponents.  Our 1st Amendment rights are their rights, too!  Take the high CIVIL at all times.
  • No violence, no racism, no breaking the law.
  • Treat Law Enforcement Officers with respect.
  • Do not leave any trash on private property or on the streets, sidewalks, & surrounding areas.
  • SIGNS:  No vulgar wording or symbols; phrasing must pertain to demonstration theme; sticks allowed; may not be posted or hung in the area.

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