Saturday, January 22, 2011


An update and some background about today's meeting in Indiana:

In less than one day, the Tea Party movement in Indiana will create history by meeting together with the goal of uniting for a common cause.  Over 70 groups will be represented as we discuss the common desire to send a true conservative to Washington as Indiana's US Senate representative in 2012.
The sheer number of tea party groups meeting together (79) has captured the attention of the national media and politician alike.  The entire nation is aware of our efforts and will be watching closely to see if we can do what most believe, and many hope, to be the impossible...UNITE!!!
FREEDOM WORKS has stated that what we are doing will be the model for tea party groups around the nation to follow.  They have committed to helping our efforts for the duration. They will be making the trip from DC to come be apart of this historic occasion!
Many well connected political types have told us that our united effort is supported by far more than we can imagine.
Your participation on Saturday and beyond is appreciated and humbling.  This effort will take each and every one of us and our combined efforts, when successful, will prove to the nation that the Tea Party has muscle, and is willing to flex it.  The country will know that the "can do" spirit that defines American exceptional ism is alive and well in Indiana.
As you might have heard on the radio this week, Pat Miller from WOWO 1190 has agreed to come and speak to the group on the importance of this next task.  We are grateful that he has offered to play such an intricate part in this journey of uniting the TEA Parties in Indiana.  If you have not heard him speak, you are in for a real treat!
Heartland Ministries has graciously offered to provide lunch consisting of Cold Cut Sandwiches, chips and a soft drink for $5.00  Precedes to benefit the church. 
We are now granting requests for spouses of group leaders to attend.  Currently we have over 160 people confirmed and registered.  Please contact us by Friday January 21st at NOON, for any additional attendee requests.  It is critical to note that if your name is not on this list, you will be turned away.
Important Information

Place: Heartland Church
Address: 3611 North SR 19, Sharpsville, In 46068 (this is just South East of Kokomo)
Check in Time: 9:30am
Time: 10:00am-1:00pm

Please plan  a little over three (3) hours - from 10:00 - 1:30ish EST on January 22nd. We will not be able to accomplish everything in one meeting.  We understand this will be a process. We must be smart.  It will not be an easy task. We will need all hands on deck! If you have anything to contribute or concerns, please email them to us!

*No protest signs or written material will be admitted or cannot be distributed.
**Please make sure you have RSVP'd  Please note.  If you would like to bring your spouse that is OK, but we MUST have his/her name on the register list.  Please let us know. ID will be checked.  We hate to do this, but we have already had Lugar infiltrators try to sign up.  Also note, we will not be releasing the names on these emails the to the public for your safety. It is only for RSVP purposes
***One more important  thing:  If you are interested in a caravan to DC, please let us know.  We will be leaving from the meeting with a heartfelt letter to Mr. Lugar asking him to retire.  Several folks have expressed the interest in traveling with a caravan to hand deliver the letter.   If you are interested in following this caravan, please email us 
The weather looks good for tomorrow.  The only way the meeting will be cancelled is if there is a state wide emergency.    A nice FYI, Kokomo has some really great Hotel rates if you are interested in coming the night before! 

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