Monday, June 7, 2010

And in Brown County on Thursday June 10......

Freedom Group of Brown County members and other patriots,

SPECIAL NOTICE: On Thursday, June 10, the FGBC will be co-hosting a special meeting with the Freedom Makers Coalition. They will be presenting information about using Interposition as a means of repealing Healthcare and establishing states rights. We will be using our portion of the meeting for soliciting new members for the FGBC.

It is important that as many members of our group attend this meeting as possible. We hope you will be able to attend. Check the Meet-up site for details.

While the FGBC is NOT affiliated with other grassroots groups from the State of Indiana at this time, we do,
when we deem important, co-host or support other groups events that we believe may be valuable to our cause.

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  1. Hi everyone! I am Susie Chilberg, a co-founder of Tea Party Michiana Action Coalition (T-MAC) and member of Michiana 912 PRoject and CPR. Glad to see information on what is happening in your part of the state. We are in Elkhart and the surrounding counties....Indiana Dist.2. We are going to get rid of Joe Donnelly up here and hope you can do the same for Baron Hill...
    Who do you know whom we can all help to get rid of Andre Carson in INdy? He's a Muslim Brotherhood member.....and needs to be removed from the US House too.

    Hopefully we can all join hands...share emails and make contacts to get all of Indiana back to the Constitution! Best of luck in your new organization!

    Susie Chilberg
    Elkhart IN